Maker of the Month December

Born in Peru in 1954, Peter came to the UK when he was thirteen, going on to study at Bristol University after he left school. He moved to work in Barcelona where he was a Teacher. He exhibited at group and solo shows until he returned to the UK and London in 1983. He has continued to exhibit at a number of galleries. He now lives in Ledbury and is the founder and a Director of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Peter is a Painter and Ceramacist and uses grogged porcelain and stoneware clay to make his sculptural pieces. He bisque fires his work before painting them with oxides and body stains and he then glazes them with a clear glaze. He makes everything by hand; rolling out the clay into slabs or by using a slab roller. He cuts and joins pieces of clay freely, as the mood takes him, without using a template or pattern. Once the piece has been made and bisque fired he then paints onto them. Sometimes his visual references are obvious such as those pieces that embody elements of a Paul Klee painting that he might have seen. At other times his pieces might reflect a walk in the welsh countryside. 

Whilst his work looks wonderful with unstructured bunches of flowers or twigs, Peter is unconcerned with functionality, being solely intrigued with form and decoration.